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Featured Listing

Featured Listings Include:

  • Main Photo
  • Up To 12 Gallery Photos
  • Map Location
  • Website Link
  • Address
  • Email
  • Telephone(s)
  • All Social Media Links
  • Links on the Main Maps Headers

There are Two Featured Listing Options:

This Site ONLY
£19.00 + VAT (£22.80 inclusive)

FOUR Sites
( / / /
£45.00 + VAT (£54.00 inclusive)

Any listings paid before the end of March 2020 will run until 1st September 2021. After that, it will continue for the same price per year.

Pay now (via PayPal).

You will be redirected to my PayPal account of I will send a VAT Receipt once you have paid, or I can email you a pro-forma invoice.

I designed my first website in 1996 and started a site for Dolgellau in 2001.

The Four Websites Are: (, .site, .xyz and .online, are all linked to .info)

How To Proceed

If you want a Featured Listing (or want to claim one already on this website), please email me all the relevant details, including JPG images of at least 1280 pixels wide. Alternatively, if you want me to use the information from your website, just let me have your web address and I will take the details from there (which you can adjust later).