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Porthmadog.Wales For Sale

Porthmadog Wales Logo

Would anyone be interested in buying the domain and website from me? I don’t really have the time to run it any more and it needs someone who can keep it up-to-date. It’s currently 3rd in Google if you search for “Porthmadog Wales” and 7th if you search for “Porthmadog” (so a first page ranking). I haven’t added much to it recently, so you could probably get that even higher with more content.

It would be good for a local business to have the domain (which I’ve had since ‘new’ when the .WALES domains were launched in 2014). You could keep it has a ‘hub’ for the town, but center it around your business. The price includes all the WordPress files and you can continue to use my copyright photos (new and old) if you want. I will also include this Facebook page with the price (currently a Community with 1,845 likes & 1,934 follows).
I can continue to run it for you until you to take it over (again, if you want).

I will sell for £1200 + VAT which I think is a fair price for all the work I’ve done. It was one of the PREMIUM .wales domains when launched (and was held back from the original standard domains when launched). It cost more when I bought it, but still renews for the around £11 per year.

I live in Dolgellau.

Please email me at if you are interested.